Apax Constructions guarantees the delivery of quality constructions, respecting the particularities of each project it undertakes.

Our company is able to successfully complete projects in the entire range of constructions, consisting of a highly experienced and reliable network of partners-suppliers-contractors, satisfying all needs of our clients. The main areas our company operates are the following:

Construction Projects: In this category are included new constructions, renovations, restorations and conversions of existing buildings, with great experience in luxury hotel complexes, bank branches, office buildings, retail shops and healthcare facilities.

Electromechanical Projects: In this category are included technical projects and installations, such as electrical/hydraulic/conditioning and ventilation, etc.

Special Projects: In this category Apax constructions has a big portfolio including restorations of listed buildings, landscape projects and complex mechanical and metallic installations.

PM Services: Apax Constructions is a pioneer in the field of Project Management / Cost Management services, with extensive experience in flagship projects throughout Greece.



We support the prospective investor providing high quality consulting services to all technical fields related to the subject of investment.

We highlight and analyze in depth all elements that play critical role in every stage of the investment.

Specifically, we offer:

  • Technical Auditing & advising
  • Environmental Auditing & advising<
  • Maintenance auditing & advising
  • Designing phase support
  • Master Planning support




By applying cutting edge Project Management methodology, we guarantee the successful execution of the project.

We are able to manage all stages of a project, starting from design (pre-construction), continuing to implementation stage (construction) and finally ending to project maintenance (post-construction).

Specifically, we offer:

  • Design Phase Management
  • Scheduling & Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Permit Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Claim Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Quality Control
  • Field Supervision
  • Progress monitoring
  • Final Reporting



Having successfully completed demanding construction projects (luxury hotels, bank branches, luxury residencies, retail shops, offices), we are able to carry out demanding constructions, satisfying the needs of the prospective investor.

Our vision is to carry out projects based on three key elements “time – quality – value”, always with respect to our customer.

Specifically, we offer:

  • Engineering & Design support
  • Contracting Strategy
  • Tendering & Procurement management
  • Quality Control
  • Cost control
  • Contract management
  • Scheduling
  • Field Supervision
  • Health & safety management
  • Final Reporting




Our specialization in high budget projects such as 4* and 5* hotels, allows us to accurately determine the budget of a project, emphasizing to areas that in the future may highlight critical cost issues.

We can guarantee and ensure the limits within each investor wishes to operate, focusing on transparency and efficiency.

Our services are summarized in:

  • Value Engineering
  • Pricing & Negotiation
  • Contractors’ and subcontractor’s evaluation
  • Cost Planning
  • Viability Assessment
  • Risk Analysis
  • Quantities’ controlling
  • Payment controlling
  • Cost Reporting